How to tell who’s who in Whistler – A guide to people watching in the Summer

So you’ve come up to Whistler and there are literally thousands of people strolling about the village on a sunny summer day.  Wanna have some fun and play, ‘guess where they are from?’.  Grab a table on one of the many village patios, and order a tall cool one.  Here’s what you can expect to see.

Whistler Local   – (latin:  ski bummus messus)

All ages.  The easiest way to spot a local is to look for the worst dressed person.  Someone with no matching clothes, flip flops and even wearing a beanie in the summer.  Local girls like to wear long flowing sixties type dresses and loose blouses.  Think San Francisco during the late 60’s.  Also look for a lack of shaving and long hair…both sexes.   Most often found anywhere in Creekside, the Beacon, Crystal, Stinky’s or Talpey’s.

The Wanna-Be Local – (latin: ego sum whistlerite)

Ages 40 up.  This person probably has a second home here, or more closer to reality, their parents have a place that was bought back in the 80’s.  They come up every chance they can, and while in winter they can be easily spotted by their new Spyder outfits, summer is tougher.  Mostly from the greater Vancouver and greater Seattle areas, look for the tell-tale brand new flip flops, usually made from leather without a scuff mark to be seen.  Guys will have creased Bermuda shorts and golf shirts with withr a Nick North or Fairmont logo.  Extra point to a Big Sky logo. Girls will dress in their best summer dresses, have designer sunglasses, Hamilton watches and carry handbags that should have been left in Yaletown.   Most often found at the Vodka Room at Bearfoot, Rim Rock, Araxi or Hy’s.

The weekend Warrior – (Latin:  partius onus garthus)

Ages 30 to 40.  Typified by groups of young men and women strolling together, eating together, drinking together and generally being loud.  An energetic set, they are here to see and be seen.  Most are from the lower mainland, with the exception of President’s Day weekend, when the age average drops to 19 years from Washington colleges.  That’s a whole segment in itself.  Guys will dress in loud shirts and jeans, while girls will wear lulu lemon pants with heels.  The weekend warrior should be left alone to have fun, and should you go out at night, watch your drinks.  Most often found underground (clubbing), Sushi Village, Longhorn, Amsterdam or shouting from a patio above the stroll.

The Family – (Latin:  helpus nowum)

The family visitor during the summer is probably headed by a “Wanna-Be Local” except that this weekend they brought the family instead of foodie’s friends.  They look confused because the Village never looked this busy before they had kids,  and are wondering if they need a second mortgage after looking at menu prices.  They will look at you with a desperate gaze that says ‘save me!’.  Most often found Duhb linn, Spaghetti Factory, Earls, Dusty’s or El Furny.